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** The fourth release of Cheburashka, the followup to Neznayka has been released today - June 18 2014.

** The first draft of Cheburashka, the followup to Neznayka has been released today - May 25 2014.


** No Neznayka release is planned, until the version of SSDT supporting user-defined rules is released.  All future development is intended to be for SSDT only.

** Moderate Bug Fix Everything's Ruined released with a concurrent binary release.

** Forth-coming release Malpractice is listed in planned releases.

** The rule-set is relatively mature, but suffers from 'single-user' syndrome.  To make it more useful to more people, I'd appreciate feedback on your experiences.  I can tell you're downloading the software, but I can't tell whether or not it's being used.  Open a discussion, all you have to do is join Codeplex.

Thanks, Ded



Static Code Analysis Rule-set for Visual Studio 2010 Database Edition

The first release contains user-configurable rules for :-

  • variable and parameter usage.
  • variable and parameter naming standards.

The second release contains rules (some configuration allowed) for :-

  • database constraints.
  • table structures and indexes.

Later releases will address other areas of database design.


Related projects

Another free/open-source project that may be of interest is:-

The main documentation for this project is :-


The latest release supports VS2012 sql unit tests as well as the earlier VS2008/VS2010 database unit tests.

The code-base exists to provide support for a number of Perl utilities (included in the package) which make working with VS Database Unit Tests a little easier.  The interface will suit long-term users of Unix/Perl making the move to Windows development more than they will hard-core Windows users.  The most useful utility of the suite is probably genGDRTest,pl which creates the .cs/.vb file and associated .resx file for a VS Database unit test from the corresponding .sql script.

If your .sql script produces a lot of output, all of which is relevant to the success/fail/otherwise status of the test, you may find that the utilities cut development time.

For people new to Perl on Windows, I recommend Strawberry Perl, particularly the 64-bit editions.

Further instructions on download and installation are to follow......

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